Slvts & Goddesses Workshop
18 August 2017

“You can change your consciousness by changing your clothes.” – susun weed

The Sluts and Goddesses workshop was originally created by Annie Sprinkle in 1985. The workshops were taught around the USA, Europe and Australia. Her friends Jwala Ji, a tantra teacher, and sex educator Barbara Carrellas (author of urban tantra) co-facilitated the workshops with Annie for ten years.
In 2016, Annie invited Zen Cohen to continue on the legacy of the workshops through infusing her photography and performance art experience. 

The Slvts & Goddesses (2.0) Workshops vary from 1-2 day experiential workshops for participants to honor their erotic body in a safe and supportive environment.  The workshops culminate in a performative photo shoot where each person adorns in attire that invokes your two desired slut and goddess personas. Each participant will receive two images from their photo shoot!

The workshops are for: all those who identify as female (includes trans women) 18+ and over, individuals who want to learn (or be reminded) of how to use sexual energy as a tool for self-growth, self-love and empowerment, individuals who have struggled with body image and sexuality or experienced gender-based violence, individuals with no previous visual or performance art experience who want to explore using the body in art making.

PR image for March 2017


With the founders: Annie Sprinkle and Jwala Ji, 2017.


Examples from drawing session during a workshop in 2016.

Teaching materials from Dr. Sprinkle:


The facilitators/transformation specialists: