Visual Apothecary
17 August 2017


Select your workshops by clicking on your favorite bottle which will direct you to the corresponding Facebook event.  All graphic design by Zen Cohen with image contributions by Fall Series facilitators.

The Feminine Antidote–Fall Series event page.

Taoist Kung Fu for Self Autonomy. w/ Yunuen Rhi

Roots and Resiliency: A Therapeutic Space For Womyn of Color. w/ Allegra Lucas, LMFT.

Sabbath Queens: Adorning Your Crown. w/ Zen Cohen

Self-Care for Sex Goddesses. w/ Zen Cohen

Practical Magic: Heal yourself —An Intro to herbalism. w/ Tatiana Almendral

Personal Alchemy: time/space from the feminine perspective. w/ Tatiana Almendral.

Glamour Magic Immersion (DIY MakeUp intro class). w/ Tatiana Almendral

Media Tools for Artists, Activists and Healers. w/ Zen Cohen

Baños, Showers, y Flowers; Healing with Traditional Herbal Medicine Baths. with Batul True Heart

Agua Florida y the Emotional Aires. w/ Batul True Heart

Take Back Your Blood: DIY period care. w/Janeen Singer of Holy Sponge!

Empowering Mythological Archetypes: A Tarot Retreat. w/ Laura Zuspan.