16 August 2017

Tatiana Almendral is a healer committed to building a harmonious relationship within ourselves, each other and our planet. An educated and seasoned aromatherapist, herbalist, witch, empathic counselor with hands on clinical and ritual experience working with our community. Wild woman, mother, lover, teacher, minister, divine channel downloading from the universe—Grounding it down into our shared reality so that we may live; better, longer, stronger —in synergy together.

Batul True Heart is a Native American/Indigenous (Yaqui/Panamanian/Spanish) curandera healer, prayer woman, and herbalist. In her curandera practice, Batul provides compassionate heart-to-heart counseling, puts clients in healing flower baths, gives personal limpias (spiritual cleanses), facilitates ceremonial house limpias (energetic space cleanses), and offers her line of herbal medicine, Maaso Medicina.

Allegra Lucas, Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist, has a Master’s Degree in Counseling Psychology and over ten years of experience working as a clinician and group facilitator in the non-profit sector.  Allegra has served various populations including Women in Recovery, Single mothers and their children for family therapy as well as at risk youth in SFUSD.  Allegra has been in private practice in the bay area for three years. She provides therapy for adult individuals who suffer from emotional distress, anxiety, depression, grief, substance use or abuse, trauma, and other life challenges.  She has a special interest in dismantling shame in women and adolescent girls and is invested in anti-oppression work with those who identify as people of color, LGBTQQ2-S or any intersection there of.


Janeen Singer of Holy Sponge is a queer business owner, spending her days in service to those who menstruate. She started Holy Sponge! as a result of leaving tampons and switching to sea sponges. Her love of sponges grew in such a way that she abandoned her career in Clinical Social Work to offer bleeding folks new ways of seeing and caring for their beautiful bodies.

Yunuen Rhi, a martial artist and healer has roots in Mexico, United States and Korea.  She started training Baguazhang and healing arts in Beijing, China in 2008 and was initiated into the 6th generation of the lineage by her Master, Liu Xuyang in 2010. Since last year she has also been under intensive training with Li Baohua holder of the 4th generation Magui Bagua lineage in Japan  and is in continuous study of her practice. Her studies in anthropology and exploration in performance art inform the pedagogy of her practice.  She shares her practice with artists, activist and the community at large since 2012 through workshops across Europe, Mexico and the United States.

Laura Zuspan is an artist and seer. Magic and art are her guiding forces; what most interests her in these realms are transformations in consciousness. Her artistic and intuitive practice is to facilitate collaborative healing ceremonies, ritual awakenings, and the development of inner vision to feed and inspire the spirit. In this practice Laura draws on the ancient book of Tarot, and on practical life coaching techniques. She received her BFA from the San Francisco Art Institute and has shown her art internationally. She has studied Buddhism at Insight Meditation Center, Green Gulch Farm Zen Center, Wat Phra That Doi Suthep in Thailand and trained at the Niroga Institute in yoga outreach. Influenced by the work of Joanna Macy, Linda Montano, Angeles Arrien and Dipa Ma, Laura is interested in shifting the way we understand ‘Tarot’ into a functional and ethical tool for individual insight and empowerment. Laura recently opened a private reading room to see clients privately located in central Oakland. She is currently creating her own tarot deck through watercolor painting.

Zen Cohen is a video artist, photographer and all-around media witch based in San Francisco, CA.  She received her MFA in Art Studio at the University of California at Davis and her BFA in Media Arts from the California College of the Arts in Oakland, CA. Drawing from multiple influences such as theater, ritual, media theory, sexuality and mysticism; her projects are imbued with a strong foundation in the feminine perspective and seek to mirror the diversity found in her collaborators.  Her work has been presented in art institutions through out the Bay Area and beyond.