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29 November 2016

Slvts & Goddesses Workshop (2.0): buy TICKETS here  & March 25th (WOM▼N only)

A one-day experiential workshop to honor your erotic body in a safe and supportive environment.

Explore visual and performance art techniques to create two archetypal personas. Learn playful and seductive ways of posing in front of camera with a female photographer. Create a powerful image of yourself that symbolizes your personal growth story that could also inspire others.

Facilitated by Zen Cohen, MFA. Visual artist and photographer specializing in performance/video art and erotic photography. Workshop held in her live/work space in san francisco. For more info:

About the workshop:
The sluts and goddesses workshop was originally created by Annie Sprinkle in 1985. It was taught around the USA, Europe and Australia. Her friends Jwala Ji, a tantra teacher, and sex educator Barbara Carrellas (author of urban tantra) co-facilitated the workshops with Annie for ten years.
Zen Cohen recently showed interest in doing something similar, and Annie invited her to continue on the legacy of the workshops through infusing her own visual and performance art experience.

The slvts and goddesses (2.0) workshop will include:

+ wisdom session:
Immerse yourself in a visual presentation and discussion of goddess mythologies from pre-history to present day. Discuss the origins of patriarchy along with riane eisler’s concepts of the ‘dominator vs partnership model’ from her book “the chalice and the blade.” learn the secrets of sacred slutism through viewing a short excerpt of annie sprinkle’s “how to be a sex goddess in 101 easy steps.”

+ drawing session:
Create a goddess drawing using inspiration from the lecture and/or a goddess archetype from your ancestral lineage. Materials will be provided, no drawing expertise needed.

+ embodiment session:
Integrate the wisdom and drawing sessions into your body with sexercises which will include guided movement, yoga, meditation and erotic breathing exercises.

+ photography session:
Adorn yourself in attire that invokes your two desired slut and goddess personas, integrating costumes&props that invoke your own ancestral lineage.learn (or brush up on) how to pose in front of camera. Each participant will receive two images from their photo shoot!

“you can change your consciousness by changing your clothes.” – susun weed

This workshop is for:
+ anyone female identifying, 18+ and over
+ individuals who want to learn (or be reminded) of how to use sexual energy as a tool for self-growth, self-love and empowerment
+ individuals who have struggled with body image and sexuality and/or gender based violence and oppression
+ individuals with no previous visual or performance art experience who want to explore using the body in art making

tuition: $100
Includes two digital photographs of your choice plus a collection of all the proofs from your photo session
(normally a $300+ value!)
+work/trade positions are also available!


If you have any questions about the workshop or would like to apply for the work/trade opportunities please send an email to:




PHOTO PORTRAIT DAY: DEC 3rd, 2016 & JAN. 7th, 2017


Need a new head shot for work or social media profile? Or maybe you’re just feeling a little overwhelmed with the world and want to do something fun for yourself? Book a shoot during one of my upcoming photo days in either December or January!

* Each participant will receive a 30-45 mins photo session.
* You can bring 2-3 options for clothing and accessories.
* A make-up/hair stylist will also be here to assist you.

$75-$100 sliding scale, which includes 3 finished images of your choice.  I am also offering a few by-donation slots for anyone who is currently looking for work or is of modest means.

Space will be limited. To reserve your spot, please send your payment/donation via paypal or venmo (please check friends/family) to

feel free to reach out with questions.

Both dates are also listed on my Facebook page if you would like to share with your friends.